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What if you had a way to stay connected, to nurture your sober lifestyle 24/7 with the convenience of your smartphone?

Now you can with Sober Online Solutions!

You have the power of your sobriety and so much more in the palm of your hand!

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SOS RecoveryOTG™ is a smartphone app that harnesses the power of technology to place the essential recovery tools needed to achieve sobriety in the palm of your hand and value added resources.


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SOS U is a smartphone app-based course designed to promote drug, alcohol and sexual violence education and awareness in the college setting. Empowering students to make safe, educated and informed decision.

What Our Clients Say

I have been using this program for several years now. It has been very strategic in my recovery. I have been thru all the different program courses several times. Just like a really good movie I see and learn something new each time. I now have favorite sections that I can go to for specific needs.

This program has been a vital part of my daily recovery; Which has played a huge role in the ten years of my sobriety! I love that through out the years the program curriculum has been continually updated. With my very busy schedule the 24/7 availability to access SOS allows me to have the partnership that I still need! Truthfully don’t know where I would be without it and I am very thankful for it!

Duane P

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Providing recovery tools & value added resources via low-cost subscription to assist in recovery is extremely important.  Utilizing technology to make these tools & resources accessible 24/7 is life changing.  We help you achieve and maintain a sober lifestyle.  Learn More »

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