Frequently Asked Questions2017-07-31T08:06:28-04:00

Sober Online Solutions FAQs

Who Invented SOS?2017-07-31T08:04:55-04:00

The Sober Online Solutions concept was originally created by James Rouches, a leading figure in residential rehab in the State of Florida. Based upon his decades of experience, he applied that knowledge into the Sober Online Solutions service.

What Happened To The Original SOS?2017-07-31T08:08:26-04:00

In June of 2016, SOS was acquired by Tim McGuinness, Ph.D. & Company. Dr. Tim McGuinness has considerable experience in web-based subscription services and online applications, and has been a web pioneer for 22 years, and was also a co-founder of a multi-billion dollar ecommerce business. He and his team bring substantial experience to the SOS Service.

Is This A New Name?2017-07-31T07:59:20-04:00

Yes! Advanced Sober Solutions was the original name for the service. Is now Sober Online Solutions to better reflect the mission of the company.