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New Facebook Page

In keeping with the change in publisher for SOS, we have launched a new Facebook Page and Facebook Support/Discussion Group. For Our New Facebook Page Click Here » For Our New Facebook Support/Discussion Group Click [...]


The Sober Online Solutions Service Is Undergoing Maintenance We are performing a number of new updates on the SOS Service through August 6. For this reason, the service may be interrupted and periodically unavailable.

SOS Acquired

We are pleased to announce that Sober Online Solutions has been acquired! The new publisher of the Sober Online Solutions service is Tim McGuinness, Ph.D. & Company. It is a Miami, Florida based web services [...]


Official Response From Sober Online Solutions Regarding Defamatory Posts Sober Online Solutions is a recognized leader in the field of online sobriety. We are a recognized court approved online sobriety program developed by professionals in [...]

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