Harnessing the Power of Mobile Technology
Placing Recovery Tools in the Palm of Your Hand

SOS RecoveryOTG™

SOS RecoveryOTG™ is a smartphone app that harnesses the power of technology to place the essential recovery tools needed to achieve sobriety in the palm of your hand.  RecoveryOTG creates a virtual accountability partner that gives individuals access to recovery courses and the support needed anywhere, anyplace and at any time.


RecoveryOTG provides immediate access to tried and proven recovery courses 24/7 maximizing engagement and eliminating the barriers of receiving help.

Additional Content:

  • Meditation Class
  • Relaxation Class
  • Addictions Library
  • Journals
The Complete Solution - Nurturing Your Sober Lifestyle

SOS RecoveryOTG™ Course Detail


Evidence Based

The Evidence Based course cites science, statistics, recorded behaviors, and scientific & psychological studies.  Focusing on brain pathways, habit loops, habit rewards, behavioral modification and tools to identify triggers and cues and what to do when being cued.

Faith Based

The Faith Based course is a popular look at the principals of recovery from a non-denominational biblical aspect. Living Proof is a 12-episode series hosted by Pastor Jim Minor and Jim Rouches that addresses recovery from the Book of James. This series, first aired in Europe, addresses escalating drug and alcohol problems and has been adopted by many communities around the world for its solid basis in scripture. Each episode features a guest speaker who speaks about their experiences.

Principal Based

The Principal Based course takes a unique view of the time-tried 12 step programs of AA and NA. Our Addictions Experts have expanded on the principals of each step, guiding us through with a modern appeal.


Our Addictions Experts have put together a truly unique approach to recovery and freedom from addiction in a 40 lesson program that is a combination of all our programs. Journal assignments help guide you and you can see your progress day by day / lesson by lesson as you print and complete your assignments.

Support (AAASC)

RecoveryOTG focuses on the key essential of support to battle addiction.  Establishing multiple avenues of support is critical to achieve and maintain sobriety.

Accountability Partner

Whether it’s your rehab center or an individual of your choice, your accountability partner has access to view your progress within the RecoveryOTG courses.


Alerts are established as means to facilitate engagement and support.  An alert will be sent to the accountability partner if a period of inactivity elapses.  The period of inactivity is determined by the individual and the accountability partner.


RecoveryOTG provides individuals access to local AA, CA, NA and Celebrate Recovery classes.  Just type in your zip code and we will provide the list along with address, phone number, meeting times and directions!  RecoveryOTG also enables individuals to search for local SOS rehab partners in their area for anyone needing additional face to face or online support.

Sober Lifestyle

RecoveryOTG nurtures a sober lifestyle.  Join us in our weekly on-going course focusing on establishing and maintaining a sober lifestyle.  Topics include:  positive lifestyle changes, dealing with stress, financial preparation and how to respond to everyday cues and triggers are a few of the subjects discussed weekly.


Communication directly within the app between individual and accountability partner.