Empowering You to Make Safe Educated & Informed Decisions

SOS U is an app-based course designed to promote drug, alcohol and sexual violence education and awareness in the college setting.  The course is broken down into a series of interactive classes that inform students of the dangers and pitfalls of addiction and sexual violence.  The course objective is to empower our students to make safe, educated and informed decisions.

The sexual violence prevention education course is authored by Dr. Brook Bello, Founder & CEO of More Too Life and YOUTHIASM®.  This course is aimed at breaking pop culture norms, misinformation and unawareness that have led to higher rates of sexual violence among millennials, young adults and others on and near college campuses, military academies and our communities.

Sober Online Solutions founder Jim Rouches presents the real time, real life alcohol and drug education and awareness course.  This course focuses on empowering students to make educated real time, real life decisions as it related to drinking and drugging on campuses and military academies today.